Which is The Very best Italian Pizzeria in Serres? : Pizzeria Dell 'Arte

Pizza Serres Delivery

pizza serres delivery


At Pizzeria Dell 'Arte we believe in using only fresh and tasty components, for which you are able to feel 100% confident . In the original yellow cheese and also the exquisite cold cuts till the freshly cut vegetables and the vibrant red tomatoes , we know that your pizza is as good as the quality from the materials used on the hand and fluffy dough to create a scrumptious and tasty outcome that will satisfy probably the most demanding customers.

The company

The company began its operations in November 2011, in Serres, in difficult company atmosphere, lived up to the challenges by offering top quality goods and services. The upward trend is because of the superb and friendly service, the top quality of meals offered and also the many years of experience in making pizza.

Customer related

Our philosophy isn't just the meals provide, but high quality of service. Because of this we aim to satisfy each customer individually while continually attempting to reduce the time needed from receipt of order to delivery.


The preparation of a good pizza starts from the bottom up. That's why the dough is produced in the best supplies and our unique handmade recipe. The paste used is usually fresh and kept in best circumstances till cooked for you. The result is a crisp and fluffy dough accompanying materials of your option and boosts the result!

Tomato sauce

Hidden beneath the impressive variety of materials is the tomato sauce. As soon as we add our distinctive blend of spices as well as other natural components , the sauce is a unique flavor of fresh tomato that you simply will taste in each bite.

Freshly picked vegetables

We by no means use frozen vegetables for our pizza, ensuring that our vegetables are always fresh and full of flavor! The green peppers and onions utilized are fresh and cut daily in our shop to help keep it crispy. The olives used are bought from nearby shops. No surprise that it is juicy and wealthy taste! We use fresh mushrooms Portobello Italian variety, recognized worldwide for their special taste and wealthy texture.

Fine meats

The meats we use meet the highest requirements of quality and freshness ! We ensure use only high quality sausage products that give rich aroma and flavor that you will adore!

100% genuine cheese

If you like cheese, you will adore the "Dell 'Arte Margherita®" and "Dell 'Arte 4 Tyria®". Made exclusively from 100% high quality milk, with mild and delicate flavor, and is proof that the cheese can really "do" pizza!

Pizza Serres Delivery

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